I just got back from a trip out to Montana to learn a thing or two about the 1950’s vintage Cessna 180’s. I got some pointers on how to do a thorough prebuy inspection and then was able to be checked out in a 1959 C180B!

I was so impressed with the performance of this airplane. It was truly a magic carpet. It had the big Mac floatplane prop installed, as well as being equipped with a Horton STOL kit. She was fast and landed slow. The perfect load hauling Bushplane!

Now I know what I am looking for when it comes to mods and performance in my Cessna 180 search. Thanks to Charlie for the checkout, and thanks to all my Backcountrypilot.org friends and Greg at Bushwagon East for the pointers and guidance. Shoutout to Stene Aviation in Polson, MT for the hospitality!

Here is the video:

2 thoughts on “Cessna 180 Checkout and High Performance Endorsement

  1. Evan,
    I know this was over a year ago, but where in montana did you go to get the C-180 training?

    1. I went to buy the airplane in the video and the owner was gracious enough to check me out in the airplane and sign me off. It was a great experience and I will be forever grateful to Charlie the owner of the 180. You meet some awesome people in aviation.

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