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  1. Hello, my name is Scott Thompson. I have watched some of your videos and would be interested in following you on some of your local adventures if you would not mind. I have a Cessna 180 and live just south of Columbus. (I recognized one or your videos of you landing at Greg Swingles home runway. I did that once in my Cessna 140)

    If you have your inventory where you have your runway maybe we could arrange for a local pick up.

    1. Hey Scott. It would be fun to meet up sometime and fly together for sure. I do not have my inventory at my strip. I work out of town and keep it there. But if you let me know I could bring it back with me one weekend. My strip is short however- 1000’x50′. Winter time there are no obstructions (corn is cut). Easy for a 180, as long as one is proficient at short field ops. Its not that difficult, but you have to know your airplane for sure.

  2. Evan,
    Enjoyed your video “To Idaho”. Checked out your website. Noticed that your low on some products. Are you planning on ordering more? Would like to order the green colored hooded sweatshirt, not in my size though.

    1. Blake, thanks for the kind words. I am low on some products. I am working to transition to on-demand printing so I will hopefully have some new items up in the store soon! Stay tuned.

  3. Hello, I’m looking to receive a very thorough Cessna 180 learning experience and checkout. We are located on the east coast and your YouTube video looks like a great place to get away for a few days. I look forward to to speaking with you…

  4. Evan- Just watched your Idaho Trip. Nice!

    I am a long time flyer, started with my father 50 years ago Power, Sailplanes and Hanggliders. Also am working with the RAF Chapter of Utah, (Recreational Aviation Foundation – Boseman Montana)

    We manufacture hyperlite products for Aircraft, Back Country Fliers and Campers. We could offer you items to compliment your current product line.

    Please forward an appropriate email that i can send you an E-Catalog of the products for your review. We can Brand our products with your Company Logo’s and Information as well.

    Smooth Flying



  5. Hi Evan. Ran across your “to Idaho” video and was very impressed! not only by the epic adventure, great footage, and awesome airplane, but by your attitude and humility. I am obsessed with flying, live in Idaho, and study all the videos I can find, and really enjoy meeting other pilots in the area. I rent a 172 out of Caldwell (KEUL) and have done a fair amount of flying in the last few years. This summer I plan to hit a lot of the Idaho airstrips, many of which were in your video. Next time you’re in Idaho, let me know- I’ll meet you somewhere and get lunch:)

  6. To Idaho is awesome. Well done. I am currently living in Boise and am in the fixed wing aviation program at treasure valley community college. My parents both grew up very close to you. Mom is from Senecaville and my dad is from Byesville.

  7. Hello Evan!
    Just watched your video To Idaho. What an spectacular job you did on taking this challenge.
    I have been a private pilot since 84 in the Chicago area and what you did has been a dream of mine since then. I have managed to cover the entire 48 states and most of Canada driving as a Instructor/trainer for a large bearing company covering some of the greatest parts of the country. Now turned 60 living in Kentucky I want to get back up and explore the airways to these places. I actually lived in Missoula Montana for a few years and explored the whole Northwest Territories including Idaho. Well to much to write but I envy what you have done and where you’ve made it with the wonderful flying world. I would love to meet up with you one day just to chat and meet you.

  8. hello I have been a big fan of the stuff your doing on youtube. I have a 182A as well and love what it can do. I bought it though with the idea that I would eventually convert to 180. I believe I saw a post that had your 182A converted to a 180 with some big bush wheels. How challenging was the coversion as I know the 182A’s tend to be an easier conversion, did you tackle it yourself? And the big question is how much does it cost? I would really appreciate any info on it as its very hard to find any good info on specifics of the conversion.


    1. Kameron,

      The tailwheel conversion you saw was a photoshop job only. I have considered the conversion, but the more I think about it, the less I like the idea. There is a guy I follow on instagram who did his own with his mechanic. His Instagram handle is @mark.lenox . His account is private, but give him a follow and send him a message and tell him I sent you. He has a lot of good photos of the conversion process and could probably answer most of your questions.

      Hope that helps!

      Fly Safe!

  9. Hey Evan,

    How are ya? Watched a few of your videos recently which compelled us to buy a couple sweatshirts. Seems you haven’t been making any videos lately curious why? I’m betting you got married and started a family?? Also, do still post on BCP, and what is your username? Last nosey question, whereabouts are you in Ohio? My sister lives in Hanoverton up near Lisbon, and we are hoping to fly back this summer.

    Mike Gibney

    1. Michael,

      Thank you for your business!!! I have been focusing on other life stuff mainly, but everything is still good on the flying front, except I havent been doing as much of it. I live in Southeast Ohio near the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.

      Fly safe!

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