The whole idea for this came after searching for just a t-shirt that represents what we love so much.  There is some logo wear out there, but nothing that lets others know what it is that we, and so many others are passionate about.  This gear wont make you take off and land shorter, fly slower (or faster), or make you a better pilot.  What it will do is inspire conversation, and allow you spread your love for this niche of aviation!


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  1. Saw your YouTube videos. Came up when I searched for Sportsman STOL. I’m thinking about putting the cuff on my 172 as I have and fly out of a grass strip in NKY (8KY6). I’ve got a ’77N with the 40 degrees of flaps, a power flow exhaust, and a bird in need of a paint job anyway. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the Sportsman STOL cuff.

    As an aside, like your gear. Do you print on demand or do you stock your gear? I ask only because a company I mentor does the on-demand stuff worldwide. Not pitching to sell their services, but more so to help a fellow pilot out.

    On one of your video’s, I tendered the offer to visit my strip if you’d like. 8KY6 and it sits under the CVG Class B with the 2100′ base. Two buddies keep their kitfoxes here and we have a number of area visitors come by during flying season.

    Look forward to your response.

    1. Thanks for the comment David. I love the sportsman cuff. It adds a tremendous safety factor to the wing and the flyability in slow flight. I currently stock everything, although I am looking at moving to an on demand printer to offer more styles and sizes. I would love to come and visit your place sometime.

      Fly safe!

  2. Evan,

    I would like to purchase the military green hoodie. Unfortunately it is out of stock in my size. Will you be adding to your stock anytime soon?

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