To Idaho: The Trailer

I took a trip to Idaho back in 2014.  I flew my little Rotax powered Zlin Savage Cub from Ohio to Idaho and back with less than 90 hours total time in my logbook.  This trailer gives a little bit of a sneak peak of the adventure that was had.  It was a trip that changed my life forever.

Look for the full length movie coming soon!

New Look For The Site

It’s a new year, and we wanted to start off with some new gear and a newer, simpler, and cleaner look for the site.  It should be much easier to navigate, we all like easy navigation.



We also took the great Brushpilot Logo and tweaked it a bit to be more appealing to everyone.  Check it out:




We think it will be a hit.  Go check out the new styles in the store.  There are hats, tee’s , and sweatshirts.  All available now!