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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello, my name is Scott Thompson. I have watched some of your videos and would be interested in following you on some of your local adventures if you would not mind. I have a Cessna 180 and live just south of Columbus. (I recognized one or your videos of you landing at Greg Swingles home runway. I did that once in my Cessna 140)

    If you have your inventory where you have your runway maybe we could arrange for a local pick up.

    1. Hey Scott. It would be fun to meet up sometime and fly together for sure. I do not have my inventory at my strip. I work out of town and keep it there. But if you let me know I could bring it back with me one weekend. My strip is short however- 1000’x50′. Winter time there are no obstructions (corn is cut). Easy for a 180, as long as one is proficient at short field ops. Its not that difficult, but you have to know your airplane for sure.

  2. Evan,
    Enjoyed your video “To Idaho”. Checked out your website. Noticed that your low on some products. Are you planning on ordering more? Would like to order the green colored hooded sweatshirt, not in my size though.

    1. Blake, thanks for the kind words. I am low on some products. I am working to transition to on-demand printing so I will hopefully have some new items up in the store soon! Stay tuned.

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