Tailwheel Training!

This is a video that I put together to showcase the new airplane and me learning how to fly it.  Taildraggers are the type of airplane that I always wanted to fly.  They command your full attention and require you to literally “Stay on your toes” the entire time you are moving to maintain directional […]

So, I Bought An Airplane

Well, after much toil, tribulation, calling, emailing, talking, thinking, weighing, thinking, talking, driving, etc…..(you all can relate) I finally bought myself a flying contraption. I went from Pacers, to S7’s, to Kitfoxes, to Maules, to Super Cubs, Citabria’s…………anyway, I looked at em all. I wanted something that would be good to learn in, easy on […]

What we Love.

Of course, graduating to an true “Backcountry” aviator is a process.  Every pilot I have ever talked to is always willing to learn something new.  Anyone who isn’t probably won’t be long for this aviation world.  The information available is seemingly endless and I always feel like there is something to take away from every […]